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    The Building Industry's Resource For Streamlining Warranty Claims

    You've worked hard to build your brand. When warranty issues arise we protect your brand name by responding professionally and quickly to each claim.

  • Warranty Claims Administration

    • Experienced team has managed millions of building product claims with a focus on efficiency, diplomacy and confidentially.

    • Colaberation partnership on design and creation of documentation, workflow and authority levels.

    • Flexible solutions for providing either end to end or partial administration of claims intake, validation and payments.

    • Consistent communication process keeps both the product owner and client informed throughout each step of the claims process.

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  • Field Inspections

     Reducing your inspection cost overhead 

    For over a decade our nation inspection service have resolves warranty claims with product specific imparitial inspection reports. 

    Each inspector receives client specific advanced training and inspection manuals designed to document and resolve warranty claims. 


    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Claim Cycle Times 
    • Overhead Expenses 
    • Sales Efficiency
    • Product Litigation Exposure 
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  • Managed Repair Services

    When a claim requires a contractor for repair or replacement, we find and manage the repair with a prequalified contractor with a successful track record resolving warranty claims. 

    Qualified Contractor Assigned and Provides Estimates for Repairs Prequalified Contractor(s) based on your specific needs are credentialed by evaluating licensing, technical certifications, insurance and experience. We perform quality review of the contractors estimate to ensure it meets normal industry standards.

    Repairs Process / Monitoring & Support We will get estimate for you to review and approve. During the repair we monitor the entire repair process!

    Satisfaction / Warranty Once the repairs are completed and customer is fully satisfied by signing the Certificate of Satisfaction a warranty certificate for the repair is provided. 


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Customized Process Flow

Client simply sends assignment via private emails or proprietary website.


WarrantyLink Solutons:

  • Acknowledges receipt of assignment.
  • Transcribes into client’s preferred format.
  • Research determine biased on client’s program design.
  • Monitor claims, inspection, estimates, repair and settle.
  • Quality Review prior to submitting report back to client.
  • Post‐settlement calculations and payment‐tracking.

If your company wants to improve claims. Our team of warranty claim specialists can help.

Our mission has been to serve our cleint's by streamlining claims process and reducing the average per claim cost.


For over a decade we've managed millions of claims for a wide range of building products.


From initial claims intake to final settlement. We have your solutions!


Quality Assurance

Industies leading warranty claims professionals who's main focus is quality claims resolution document and track each and every claims interaction. This continuous process keeps everyone involved updated on the progress and next step to completion. Our quality assurance approach insures brand protection, timely claims resolution and reduced cost per claims.  friction costs and minumal expense and exposurewith minimall finger pointing occurs. 

WarrantyLink Solution’s methods for exceptional customer service are proven based on measurable performance.

  • Claims are closely monitored for quality and accuracy.
  • Improved claims resolution from high quality professionals.
  • Reduced escalations help you avoid having frustrated customers.

The Results

  • Higher Accuracy at Lower Cost – Precise confidence paying less for more consistent detail.
  • Increases Sales Productivity – Sales team have more time to focus on selling.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction– Final reports provided to customers 30% quicker (on average). Proven cost metrics show up to a 70% improvement on overall settlement.
  • Budget and Brand Protection - Manage cost, speed, and stewardship of brand.

Who is BrightClaim?

For over 15 years, BrightClaim has provided our clients superior claims management solutions. Our management team averages 25+ years in the claims industry. We currently work with over 150 clients of all sizes, including 7 of the top 10 largest insurance carriers in the US.

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